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Leather Furniture Upholstery Repair and Cleaning

Leather Furniture Repair and Cleaning
When we do a leather sofa repair, we can permanently bond damaged leather back to itself. We can also remove the stains that detract so much from your the appearance of your furniture. Cuts, cat scratches, ink stains, burns, and abrasions will all disappear. If your leather couch or chair is looking old because of cracking or fading we eliminate that too. Your furniture can be beautiful again. Call us now and protect your investment.

Grey Sofa before Leather Upholstery Repair Grey Leather Sofa after Leather Upholstery Repair

Leather is not only beautiful, it is stronger than most upholstery fabrics. It is also fire resistant and can last for decades if properly maintained. However, over time it can be subjected to accidental damage, fading and stains. These need to be attended to promptly to protect your investment, restore original beauty and extend the life of your furniture.
Professional Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Our deep down, professional leather furniture cleaning, will remove dirt before it damages your fine furniture. When we clean leather couches or chairs, stains will vanish too. Our cleaning products work thoroughly but gently and are matched to the different types of leather finishes. They are also pH balanced and specially formulated for leather upholstery.

After cleaning your sofa, chair, or sectional, we apply special conditioners that restore the suppleness of the leather, replenishing its natural oils. Not only will these conditioners renew the beauty of your leather furniture, they will also extend it's life. 

Green leather chair before leather furniture repair..Green Chair looking new again after Leather Upholstery Repair

Restoring Faded Leather Furniture
If you have faded areas we can fix them by spot re-dyeing those areas. We will perfectly match the color and the faded areas will disappear. If fading is extensive, it may be necessary to completely re-dye the piece. This can still be done on site and the furniture will be ready for normal use the next day.

Leather Upholstery Maintenance Program
At Leather and Vinyl MD we also offer a regular maintenance program which can include minor repairs as well as cleaning and conditioning, all for one low price. See our Maintenance section for more details.

UV Protection Treatment
Fading can be caused by sunlight or day to day wear and the use of inappropriate cleaners, all of which dry the leather. If your leather sofa or chair is located near a window you might consider our UV Protection Cream which provides protection against sun fading.

Stain Protection Treatment
Beautiful, leathers like Nubuck, Suede and ‘raw’ or ‘untreated Aniline’ are susceptible to permanent stains because they lack a protective coating of dye. Stains from food and beverage spills penetrate the leather and can be impossible to remove. We can apply a special leather stain protector to protect the leather from these and other stains.

Mobile, On Site Service
Our technicians will come to your location with a fully equipped van to do the leather furniture repair and leather cleaning at your location with very little disruption or inconvenience. On site leather sofa repair or vinyl chair repair means that you will not have to do without your furniture for several days as you wait for it to be returned.

Leather Care Products On Line Store
Visit our online store for cleaning and conditioning products that are specially designed and pH balanced for today's upholstery leathers. Our cleaner contains no harsh chemicals yet it cleans deep and removes embedded dirt. Restore and protect your furniture with our leather conditioner that contains no animal fats which can damage furniture.

Deluxe leather care kit for Top Coated LeatherDeluce leather care kit for uncoated leather: Nubuck,Pure Aniline