Damaged or Soiled Fabric and Velour Seats or Carpets
For carpets or cloth and velour seats our deep steam cleaning removes stains and soiling the ordinary detailing leaves behind and we can also repair burns, or rips, on your fabric auto upholstery. If a lack of auto interior repair makes your car look old and worn call Leather and Vinyl MD and enjoy your car again.

Seat Repair​

Re-upholstering, or buying new seats from the dealer is very expensive, but our auto upholstery repair and restoration is remarkably inexpensive. Steering Wheel Repair When the leather or vinyl on your steering wheel becomes stained, worn and unattractive, see the amazing difference our steering wheel restoration makes.

 professional cleaning and conditioning to remove stains and embedded soiling. Don't put up with a shabby looking car. 

Damaged Car Seats can be restored

Before the restoration the steering wheel looked so bad ,

you might not want to even touch it.

Maintaining the appearance of your not only means your car value will be higher,  

it also means you will enjoy driving it more,

 Mobile, Auto Upholstery and Interiors Restoration in Triangle

Is your auto upholstery beginning to look a little worn? Is your resale value plummeting? In this economy, keeping your car longer makes great economic sense. But driving  in a car with a damaged and fading interior is depressing.

Perhaps you have leather car seats that are cracking. This needs to be attended to quickly before the rips, which come next, start.

Do you have a hole on the driver's seat where you rub the leather or vinyl getting in and out of your car? Have indelible pens or markers stained your seats or have pets or packages scratched or marked them? Perhaps your car seats just need a deep, cleaning.

Door Panels, Arm Rests and Consoles

​Auto Interiors are subject to damage from many sources: elbow wear on the armrests; weather caused dryness and cracking; seat belts that have not recoiled properly banging against the door; vinyl adhesion problems; damage from transported items like packages and furniture; other accidental damage. Let us come to your location and make that damage vanish