If your leather furniture is badly faded, re-dyeing it is a great option.

​The experts at Leather and Vinyl MD can make damage vanish and restore your furniture

  • MOBILE We come to you
  • Professional Cleaning and Conditioning
  • ,Protect from stains, sun fading
  • Remove ink, food and dye transfer stains, also chemical stains.
  • Expert Repair:, cracking, cuts, tears, abrasions, fading, scratches and rips.
  • Maintenance Program available 


Furniture Restoration

If your  furniture has faded and your once dark brown couch is now a pale and/or splotchy beige don't throw it out! We can make it look beautiful again!  Cuts, cat scratches, ink stains, burns, and abrasions will all vanish. Call us now and protect your investment.


​​​Stain Protection Treatment
Beautiful, leathers like Nubuc​k, Suede and ‘raw’ or ‘untreated Aniline’ are susceptible to permanent stains because they lack a protective coating. Stains from food and beverage spills penetrate the leather and can be impossible to remove. We can apply a special leather stain protector to protect the leather from these and other stains.

UV Protection Treatment
Fading can be caused by sunlight or day to day wear and the use of inappropriate cleaners, all of which dry the leather. If your leather sofa or chair is located near a window you might consider our UV Protection Cream which provides protection against sun fading.

Maintenance Program

At Leather and Vinyl MD we also offer a regular maintenance program which can include minor repairs as well as cleaning and conditioning, all for one low price. 

Food, Beverage and Chemical Stains 
Eating while watching television is something most of us like to do, but of course accidents happen and some food stains are difficult to remove especially if they have set. On- the-go families often enjoy snacks in their cars with not infrequent spills, especially in the back seats where the children usually sit. When these things happen, call us.

Leather Furniture Repair - Sofas, Chairs, Sectionals  - Fix, Re-dye


Our technicians will come to your location with a fully equipped van to do the leather furniture repair and leather cleaning at your location with very little disruption or inconvenience.

 On site leather sofa repair or vinyl chair repair means that you will not have to do without your furniture for several days as you wait for it to be returned.


Expert leather furniture repair; sofas, chairs, couches, 


Dye transfer stains
Sometimes ink or dye from a package, damp or wet clothes, (especially jeans) or a newspaper leave dye transfer stains on you car seat or sofa. Call us

Dog Damage

Dog claws can cause deep scratches and gouges. Some dogs, especially puppies, like to chew and rip leather Some rip out large pieces causing extensive and expensive damage.  Sometimes they may cause stains and odors that require professional removal t is best to keep dogs off leather furniture.  

From a worn out piece of junk to a beautiful sofa. 

Mobile, We come to your location!

Cat Scratches

Cats can damage leather furniture in many different ways. When their back claws dig in deep as they launch themselves off your chair or couch, you will often get puncture holes with threads from the back of the leather or from the padding. Some cats will treat your couch like their favorite scratching post, others can curl up on the sofa and never do any damage at all. The best policy is to keep cats off unless they are declawed or you are very sure they will not damage the furniture. Once damage has occurred you need professional help.

​​​​​​Properer leather care not only enhances the beauty of your leather furniture but also greatly extends its life. Dirt, grit and grime can discolor surface areas and eventually get down into the sub surface fibers causing cracking, tears and rips. 

Leather is not only beautiful, it is stronger than most upholstery fabrics. It is also fire resistant and will not ignite.​  It can last for decades if properly maintained.

Professional Leather Cleaning

​Cleaning your leather chair  or couch on a regular basis is important

Our deep down, professional leather furniture cleaning, will remove dirt before it damages your fine furniture. When we clean leather couches or chairs, stains vanish too. Our cleaning products work thoroughly but gently and are specially formulated and pH balanced for the different types of leather finishes found on leather furniture. 

Leather Conditioning

After cleaning your sofa, chair, or sectional, we apply special conditioners that restore the suppleness of the leather, replenishing it's natural oils. Not only will these conditioners renew the beauty of your leather furniture, they will also extend it's life. ​​